Vehicle Donations

There are many ways that vehicle donations can support the Saratoga Automobile Museum, by enhancing our collection or providing funds for collections maintenance and general operating support. We review vehicles offered for donation in two ways, those that will be considered for the museum’s collection, based on their connection to our mission and collecting focus, and those that will be sold. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of donated vehicles go directly to the Museum and all vehicle donations are tax deductible to the donor.

To start the review process for a vehicle donation, we need basic information about the vehicle, including its year, make and model, and current condition. Please also include a couple of recent photographs. The Museum will determine the best option for your donation. In order for SAM to accept a vehicle for donation, the donor must provide a clear and signed title. If you wish to claim a deduction for your donation when you file your taxes, the Museum will provide the documentation as specified by IRS regulations. The Museum cannot do an appraisal nor set a value on the item for the donor. You may need to acquire an independent appraisal if you feel your vehicle value is over $5,000, but you do not need an appraisal for the donation if the vehicle is donated for auction sale.


Vehicle Donation Form: Let us know what car, Truck, motorcycle or boat you have to donate

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