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Real Steel: Stories of Automotive Archeaology, From Kevin Biebel

Join us for the Exhibition Opening on Friday, November 13 at 6PM - 8PM

Kevin Biebel is not like other car collectors. He’s never been hung up on “bright and shiny” or sought out the most expensive vintage cars to impress others. Instead, he has had a lifelong interest in the stories behind particular cars and the related artifacts that bring those stories to life. In short, those who do not know Kevin might call him a collector. But to those who do, he is nothing short of an automotive archeologist.

Kevin’s automobiles are just part of his story. The Connecticut home that Kevin and wife Yvonne share is chock-a-block with hundreds of items, large and small, that chronicle over a century of automotive evolution. Our only regret in organizing this exhibit is that we do not have the space that would be needed to share more of their fascinating collection with those who visit “REAL STEEL: Stories of Automotive Archeology.”

Frederick K. Biebel, Kevin’s father, was a staunch Republican who served as both Connecticut and national party chairman and was a trusted advisor to President Ronald Reagan. But unlike Kevin, he had no interest at all in automobiles.

“I was the black sheep of the family,” says Kevin. “The local police were always bringing me home with my go-kart in the back of their Chevrolet station wagon. But then I learned how to weld after getting my first acetylene torch set and a contract for replacement tanks on my 11th birthday. I got my first Model A when I was 13 and it’s been cars and metalwork ever since!”

Biebel’s business, Art Metal Industries, is a huge success, supplying high end metal work to municipalities, hotels and casinos across the nation.

“We build what others can’t,” says Biebel, whose customers include New York City’s DOT, MTA and the Port Authority. At Yankee Stadium, he fabricated the stainless steel logo that dominates the floor at the entrance and he has done extensive work at the Time Warner Center, on Wall Street, where he supplied both sculptures and security controls, and in Times Square, where he built the Planter’s Peanuts can that periodically tilted and dumped peanuts out.

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1907 Success Model B Runabout

1908 Sears 1914 Ford Model T Touring Car

1925 Ford Model T Two-Door Sedan

1928 Ford Model A Roadster

1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster

1932 Plyouth PB Roadster

1960 Kent Fuller Chassis Dragster

1961 Willys Station Wagon

1969 Torino Cobra Jet


1913 Indian Single

1912 Harley-Davidson Single


1958 Twin west bend GO-Kart

1961 Single McCulloch Go-Kart

1970 JC Penneys Micro Buggy

1982 Radio Flyer Custom go-Kart Dragster


Automotive Drawings by Peter Helck

Antique Signs

Vintage “Deist” Race Suites

Patent Models for the 1st Turn Signal

Original Posters from the Bonneville Salt Flats and so much more...