Lorraine Murphy Photography

Lorraine, who has worked both in front of and behind the lens. A lover of all things vintage, Lorraine Murphy specializes in pinup and boudoir photography but has also developed a strong interest in automotive subjects.


On exhibit in our orientation theatre

Lorraine, became interested in pinup photography a decade ago.  When she found no photographers with that specialty in the Capital District, she hired a fashion photographer to shoot some shots with outfits and wigs she put together.  She found it was so much fun that she launched a business called “Pinup Makeovers” where she transformed everyday women into classic pinup models. Lorraine mainly works with amateurs who hire her for their own use but she has also supplied photographs for magazines, books and a number of famous clients and area businesses.

Known to many as “Bettie” of Saratoga’s Bettie’s Cakes, Lorraine has recently branched out into photographing classic vehicles along with offering wedding, baby, family and food and beverage photography.  Her exhibit of automotive portraits will be on display in the auto museum’s theater gallery until March 24.