Michael DiPleco Photography

Crossing a field from one motorsport rally stage to another, I found the first trailer, which turned into this 12-year ongoing project. This singular blue structure, housed a family, horses, goats and, in the last stages of decay, field mice. In my travels, as motorsport photographer, I have found homes that have been trashed, not only by nature but also by those who stumble upon them, party in the wreckage, or find shelter, as one homeless man did in North Carolina.


On exhibit in our orientation theatre

Trailer Trash. Too often thought of as a derogatory term. Yet, I have known many people who have called these wheeled houses, Home. The new fad of Tiny Houses finds its roots in our nation’s many trailer parks. Most of these trailers – homes to so many - are no longer, finally dismantled by the owner after becoming an eyesore or nuisance.

As a play on the words, TrailerTRASHED provides a raw glimpse into what once were living, breathing homes – a glimpse into everyday lives – real people who laughed, cried, raised a family and, in one case, died…….in a trailer. Not unlike ours, these are their stories, now exposed and imprinted in the rubble of decay, broken windows, an abandoned mirror, a child’s toy bunk bed. TrailerTRASHED peers into the real lives of those who at some point in the distant past knew these vehicles as home.

Michaels Story

I sold a photograph to the Poughkeepsie Journal when I was 12. In college I wrote news for radio and local papers. “Take a photo of that guy when you interview him,” my editor said. I got a camera. Since that day in 1976, not a day has passed without a moment being captured. With 30 years of product photography in my NYC studio, I hit a fork in the road. I was feeling stagnate. I choose left not right and ventured into the field of professional motorsports photography. Not completely away from my studio work, I went chasing the American LeMans Series and Indy Car. I have settled into the world of fine motorcars and vintage racing. Today, I travel to cover Vintage racing, Concours de Elegance’s and photograph fine motorcars for publications and auction houses while maintaining my studio in Rifton, NY. Old habits and passions never die.

My work is featured regularly in a variety of top media outlets, including: Sports Car Digest, Vintage Race Car/Vintage Road Car, Vintage Motor Sport, Racer, Classic Cars, Octane (UK), BestCAR (Japan), Goodwood Road and Racing (UK).

Automobile: Jaguar/ Land Rover, Michelin, Zenith. RM Auctions.

Fine Art Shows:

Photoworks’10, Barrett Art Center, Automotive Art Wall- Saratoga Auto Museum.

Fine Art in Film/TV: Devil Wears Prada, As the World Turns, Mysteries of Laura, Quantico.