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Vintage: 60 Years of the VSCCA

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The 50's were a time of beautiful well designed cars with lots of color and new innovations. Visit the Museum and take a trip back in-time. 

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on exhibit Now - October

In the expressive features of these cars (largely 1950s models, and others from pre-WWII), you will see what fascinates me. Attitude expressed in form, powertrain and design. Enjoy the exhibition w/o inhibition, Vehicles of Expression.



Paintings by George Frayne: AKA Commander Cody

on exhibit Now - October

I have always loved cars... I have been in more car wrecks than Evil Knieval and have had more than 40 automobiles. I have painted cars my entire life and have made sculptures from chrome bumpers and automotive parts.

East of Detroit


New York State was once home to over 100 different automobile manufacturers. While most New York automakers were small, there were great successes like the Pierce Arrow and the Franklin. This exhibit provides an in-depth look at the automobile industry in New York State and a look back in time at the innovations of different New Yorkers in their quest to create the automobile of their dreams. It also examines New York’s role in importing European-made cars and custom-coach building.




The history of automobile racing in New York State goes back to 1896 when six cars competed in the state’s first auto race. The race covered the distance from New York City to Irvington-on-Hudson and back, averaging 10 miles per hour. Around the turn of the 20th century, New York served as one of the most popular starting or finishing points for cross-country endurance runs. Several of these were won by New York State cars, like the 1908 New York to Paris race, won by the Thomas Flyer built in Buffalo. Another major racing event during the early 20th century was the Vanderbilt Cup. Read more


The New York State Stock Car Hall of Fame


Incorporated in 1969, the New York State Stock Car Association is dedicated to the betterment of the sport through education and continued support. NYSSCA annually inducts new members into its Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the Saratoga Automobile Museum in January. The exhibit features photographs and racing memorabilia about the racers and stock car racing in New York. Read more


The Bottling Plant


In response to the Great Depression, the US Government initiated programs to revitalize the economy. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his first year as governor of New York, pushed for the establishment of a state operated spa that celebrated the natural riches found in Saratoga water.