Real Steel: Stories of Automotive Archaeology

This exhibit isn't about the bright and shinny, it's about Kevin Biebels lifelong interest in the stories behind the particular cars and the related artifacts that bring those stories to life. 

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Stu Eichel: famed artist added to Real Steel

This will be Stu's second showcase at SAM and it will feature 29 new pieces, all ‘something that rolls’ including cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, firetrucks and more.

Stu Eichel's Gallery

Karting: Backyards to Speedways.


Karting: From backyards to speedways takes a look at early Karting and the impact it has on racing today.

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SAM Model T School: Session 2 Coming Soon


Join SAM, The Ford Model T Club of America and the Capital District Model T club as we delve into the Model T - at the end of the day you might even get a chance to drive a model T.

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Photography by Paul Barkovitch

BMW Vintage one of the most popular shows to grace our lawn annually was again a huge success. Thank you to the Patroon Chapter BMW Club for supporting SAM.

Photos: Tony Verrangia, Dennis Curley, Steve Rice

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